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Protect your data

SyncStop prevents accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into someone else’s computer or a public charging station. SyncStop achieves this by blocking the data pins on any USB cable and allowing only power to flow through. This minimizes opportunities to steal your data or install malware on your mobile device.

SyncStop is the 'cased' version of the original USB Condom. We listened and spent some time designing and manufacturing our own enclosure.

SyncStop works with any mobile device:

"So if you're often charging on the go, and you don't truly know whether a given port is safe or not, it's time to think about a [SyncStop]."


Many public locations now offer USB charging stations, but it's a trivial task to modify one of these to allow an attacker to access your data. [SyncStop] device cuts off access to the data transfer pins on the USB port, while still permitting access to the power supply.

- Wired

Some phones may be more susceptible to data theft and malware than others, but what is certain is that by breaking the data connection, [SyncStop] removes all doubt.

- GizMag

Organizations that trust SyncStop...

Large bulk order customers...

Other noteable bulk order customers...

Places to ensure you have SyncStop...

Charging Stations
Protect your device in public charging areas.

Airports, Airplanes & Hotels
From seat-back USB ports to bed-side chargers, stay safe on every leg of your trip!

At The Office
Block your employer from accessing your personal phone data.

Friends' Laptops
Disable prompts to copy your photos and files.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is SyncStop the USB Condom?

Yes, SyncStop is the cased and complete version of our original USB Condom.

Can I keep SyncStop on my USB cable all the time?

Yes, you can use it as an "always on" adapter on your existing USB/Sync cable and remove only when you want to sync.

Are all charging stations unsafe?

No. But the possibility exists, SyncStop allows you to charge without worrying.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we’re pleased to ship SyncStop worldwide.

Do you provide support?

It’s a plug and play device. However if you have any questions, please contact us at

What are some examples of USB attacks against phones?

-So-called "Juice-Jacking"
-The WireLurker Malware against phones.
-The BadUSB threats to phones and computers.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes we do. We have a few purchase options in the store. Need more? Get in touch with us.

What are your different payment methods?

We accept the following credit cards : Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diner’s Club and Paypal.

We are interested in reselling SyncStop

Awesome, please get in touch. Email us at

The backstory...

We originally built the first version of SyncStop (called USB Condom) to scratch our own itch. We wanted to minimize risks of charging our mobile devices in public areas. In late 2013 we tweeted about our work and the next morning flooded with emails and calls; we realized we were on to something. Our first production run sold out in a few days and even spawned copycat devices.

As a small independent information security firm, we’ve realized that too often information security is limited to those with deep pockets. Syncstop is our small way of bringing data security to a device we can't live without.

We hope you enjoy using it.

- Xipiter Team

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